Editing Testimonials


Dr. Kat Reinhert

“Gareth Dylan Smith is an expert editor. He is keen at finding grammatical errors and is well versed in both American and British English language nuance. However, his greatest skill as an editor lies in his ability to deftly edit and craft your fumbling sentences in a way that says exactly what you wished you'd written. He does this in a way that still manages to maintain your original nuance and thought so that the writing never comes off as anything inauthentic to your own voice. Additionally, he is kind with his editorial comments, something I cannot say for all editors. When working with him as an editor, you feel as if he really wants you to be the best writer you can be and he wants to help you get there and succeed. That is a rare find in an editor. I would recommend him without reservation”.

Dr. Sarah Gulish

“I have worked with many editors over the years and Gareth is my first choice. His breadth of knowledge in the fields of music and music education, paired with an attention to details, make him a highly sought-after editor. He communicates well, adheres to deadlines, and is overall very pleasant to work with”.

Steve Holley

“When I decided to write my book, Gareth was my first through tenth choices as an editor! Not only did he line and copy edit the book, but he pushed me to think beyond the text, challenged my weaker arguments and, in the end, was instrumental in the success of the book”.