Drumming Testimonials


“Gareth Dylan Smith’s crisp, punchy and definitive drumming brings subtly efficacious magic to every gig he plays and every session he records. There is also a positive side”.

Tom Wilcox, Maniac Squat Records. Music producer and curator.

“Gareth Dylan Smith’s drumming veers from ferocious to delicate in milliseconds. Whatever the groove or style, he nails it!”

Andy Krikun, Bandleader (Andy and the Rattlesnakes), songwriter, artist.

“Gareth Dylan Smith. A double-barreled surname. And a both barrels approach to drumming. He does his prep. Studies his subject. Keeps it steady. Knows when to hit. And always kills it. Not only that, but he has a cool line in dark sunglasses. What more can you ask for in a gun for hire?

I worked with Gareth in my band Sweet Tooth in London. He's an excellent drummer and a great guy to travel with. We had French 60s rock, chilled lounge, electro swing, trip hop and noir jazz influences and used a mix of organic beats, computer and trigger pads live - and he excelled at all of the above. Kept it tight yet added feel - and did his homework thoroughly in prep - which enabled us to need minimal rehearsals for maximum impact. We miss him. Somebody will be lucky to get him”.

Gavin Hammond, producer, songwriter, artist.

“Gareth has always been the most solid and professional drummer I know. He is a big presence on stage, looks good and is fun to watch. He can adapt to any situation live or in the studio”.

Mark Ruebery, guitarist, singer, songwriter, bandleader

“In late 2016 I had the pleasure of recording an album with Gareth Dylan Smith, with my Band at the time, V1. Gareth played with a passion and power matched by perfect control. He was very inventive and brought something extra to the tracks. We played live on a number of occasions and he brought the same power and precision. I would recommend Gareth to anyone looking for a technical drummer who can really rock!”

Terry Wapram, guitarist and songwriter.

“Gareth is an extremely talented and sensitive drummer/musician who can perform in a multitude of styles. Gareth is a combination of having the technique and dexterity of Buddy Rich, the progressive stylings of Bill Bruford, and the heart of John Bonham. Gareth has always been able not only to match the level and style of performance required, but to surpass them. He is the best musician with whom I have worked”.

Stephen Wheel, songwriter, composer, producer, artist.