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STephen Wheel

Stephen Wheel is a Welsh singer songwriter, composer and producer. His music has been played on national BBC radio, he has been Artist of the Week on BBC Radio Wales, and his music was featured on the BBC Three. Gareth's drumming is intrinsic to Stephen's music that Stephen has described Gareth as the Uma Thurman to his Quentin Tarantino. Several albums to date, many more in the pipeline.

V1: Armageddon – End of the Beginning

A tragically fitting title for the debut album of a band, 40 years in the making. V1 formed in 1977 and broke up in 1978. They re-formed in 2016, with Gareth on drums, and put out this album in 2017, comprised almost entirely of songs written in 1977 (the year Gareth was born). The band splintered shortly after the album came out, and broke up fully in 2018.

MArk Ruebery

Mark and I have been making music together on and off since 1999. He’s mostly touring the world on cruise ships these days, being John Lennon or Paul McCartney. Voicer of an angel, with axe shreddery to match.

Gillian Glover 

Gillian is one of the most most magical performers I have had the pleasure to work with. She can hold a room in the palm of her hand. Beautiful words, beautiful voice, beautiful soul. Always an emotional experience.


The Eruptörs formed in 2002 as a power trio of lead guitar, lead bass and lead drums. Geoff and Alex share singing duties, and I hit things as fast and as loud as I can. Our goal is to provide ourselves and audiences with an experience nothing less that 1000% rock (baby).

Sweet Tooth

London-based band I had the pleasure of playing with for years in the 2010s. Pop-noir ambient groovy soulful tunes with a sad smile. Fleur’s voice is utterly stunning.

Kiss The Blue Sky

Blues band formed in 2010 and broken up in 2011. Trying to be Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble. We came close. But Emma Hatton’s voice is insane – she went on to be Elphaba in the West End and Eva Peron on tour. A thrill to record this EP with her.

Oh Standfast

 Oh Standfast and Gareth Dylan Smith. Drums versus words. Luxembourg Rap. Insane. Art.

Daniel Spiller and the Broken Record Project

Meticulously crafted characterful pop music from an international band I was in for a few years in London. I’m drumming on all but one track on the album. Tremendous live band, with every single note in the right place.