Gareth Dylan Smith


I am a drummer, writer, editor, professor and mentor from Brighton on the south coast of England. I now live and work in New York, USA.

I studied drums with Pete Fairclough, Chris Stock and Francis Seriau; jazz in a big band with Keith Tippett; and music education with Lucy Green.

I have played on 1000s of shows and dozens of recordings spanning musical theatre, alt rock, punk, pop, heavy metal, blues, singer-songwriter, jazz, and Hip Hop.

I have published 10 books, and authored over 100 articles and columns for academic and trade publications.

I give invited talks and conduct program evaluations all over the world.

I have taught 1000s of people, and mentored 100s more, as a drum tutor, college lecturer, and dissertation advisor for students in the USA and the UK.

If you need a kick-ass British drummer, a highly compelling writer, a meticulous and incisive editor, a dedicated professor or a mentor for your music career, please get in touch.